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BAST (2G 89)

BAST have taken a proactive attitude to research in order to experiment with the diverse potentialities of each project. At each step of the design phase, they propose multiple different solutions. As a result, they do not follow a set formal method; instead, their projects go through an evolutionary process. BAST’s architecture practice is located in Toulouse, France. The architects recall ideas of modern assemblage and montage: the structural unit is challenged by the superposition of logics, façade layers, colliding structures, sections. The overall logic derives from resemblances, things that look like something else, but are not exactly what we expect. These elements are mixed together. Controlling the resulting combination requires a very clear idea, because otherwise the building site can soon descend into chaos. The structural principle provides the logic, and the design sequence drives together these elements. Once the design principle has been defined, regardless of whether the window frame is here or there, the catalyst is already in place. The fragments can then be assembled with an eye to a promising future.


ISBN: 9783753302980

160 pages

Dim : 30 x 23 cm


BAST (2G 89)

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