Open House 6

Open House est une revue multilingue. Mettant en exergue des lieux splendides aux quatre coins de la planète cette revue, axée design et architecture, est une belle découverte made in Barcelone. Ses auteurs partent, dans le monde entier, à la rencontre de personnes créatives qui acceptent d'ouvrir les portes de leurs espaces privés au public pour partager leur lieu d'inspiration et de production.


Rencontre avec Open House #6

"We meet Monica and Ricky of Delicious & Sons, who tell us the importance of knowing where your food comes from. From there we travel to the farm in Australia, where Tash and Ben involve the whole community in sharing their knowledge at A Plot in Common, whilst Sara Tasker invites people into the Yorkshire Moors house to exchange gifts or work for room stays. We get a guided tour of the house, sculptor Xavier Corberó, built for himself on the outskirts of Barcelona, and a tour of Lisbon by Armando and the team at O Apartamento. In the Brazilian jungle, Marko built a home Arca, to share and for its guests to learn from the surrounding nature, then aboard the houseboat Varda, just outside of San Francisco for a floating artists residence. Tagomago invite people to share their love of photography in their gallery home in Barcelona, and we finish with a visit to the recently opened home of Eileen Gray, Cap Moderne, that was famously vandalised by Le Corbusier, and where he passed away."

Dim: 22 x 27,5

144 pages

Open House 6

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