Open House 7

Open House est une revue multilingue. Mettant en exergue des lieux splendides aux quatre coins de la planète cette revue, axée design et architecture, est une belle découverte made in Barcelone. Ses auteurs partent, dans le monde entier, à la rencontre de personnes créatives qui acceptent d'ouvrir les portes de leurs espaces privés au public pour partager leur lieu d'inspiration et de production.


Rencontre avec Open House #7

"We meet Francesca Sarti who makes magic with food, to get us to think in different ways about what we eat, and how we feel. Architecture studio Divooe, built Siu Siu Lab in the foothills outside of Taipei as a place to bring people together in an environment open to the elements. Hidenori opens his Tokyo home like the houses in Japanese villages as a place for the community to get together, learn, or just simply talk and eat. We meet curator Paco De Blas, and talk to Alberto Campo Baeza about the importance in connecting with nature in the place that we live.

We meet the founders of The Grandhotel Cosmopolis in Germany, a cross between hotel, restaurant and social project, that give refugees a place to live and work. After years in the theatre business, Lluc and Borja hold regular concerts and theatre nights in their home, a short drive in the countryside a stones throw from Barcelona, while Carlo, of Masseria Moroseta, invites guests to slowdown between the ancient olive tress, in the Pugliese countryside. Diana and Olga invite artists to their home, to create interventions and use their Buenos Aires loft as a blank canvas. We end with a guided tour of the VDL house in Silver Lake, whose current custodian, Sarah Lorenzen, talks to us about its restoration, Richard Neutra and his life and dreams, and how important it is to open this home once again to visitors."

Dim: 22 x 27,5

144 pages


Open House 7

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